Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Rare Oddities Pop-Up Tunnel Card

Hi all! When I posted my last card in the Graphic 45 Facebook group, one of the members commented that it was a bit too complicated for them. I agree that it can be overwhelming when you first start making any type of pop-up or folded card, so I thought it would be fun to show a card that has a similar feel to it, but is much more simple to construct.

What takes this one from simple to fabulous is all the amazing Graphic 45 papers! I am on a mission to stop hoarding all of my favorite papers and release them into the wild. Rare Oddities was one of my favorite papers from a year (two?) ago and I thought it would be perfect for this card.

I used some of my favorite new dies from Karen Burniston - like this cool Halloween sentiment - and lots of fussy cut elements. Follow along below to see how I made it.

Begin by cutting two pieces of black cardstock measuring 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" (an 8.5" x 11" piece of cardstock cut in half). Score one piece in the center at 4 1/4". Score the other in the center, and then halfway between the center and each outer edge - from the left side your scores should be at 2 1/8",
4 1/4", and 6 3/8". Fold on all score lines as shown and burnish with a bone folder.

Adhere a 4 1/8" x 5 3/8" panel in the center of the mountain-folded card. Align the 4 3/8" oval die from Karen Burniston's Ovals - Crosshatch die set in the center and use your die cutting machine to cut through both layers of paper. If you don't have a die, you could hand-cut this section.

 Refold the card and ink the inside of the cutout with black ink.

Cut decorative elements from paper. Here I'm using Graphic 45's Rare Oddities paper (retired). Adhere a 4 1/8"x 5 3/8" panel to the center of the single-folded card.

To create the pop-out element for the backing card, score a panel in the center, and 1/4" from each side. (My panel was a bit small, so I added strips to widen it.) Fold as shown and apply adhesive to outer tabs.

With both pieces lying flat, align the center fold of the small panel with the center of the card and adhere. Pop center panel out as shown and retrain the folds.

To create a frame for the opening, nest two oval dies from Karen Burniston's Ovals - Crosshatch die set as shown and die cut.

 Adhere frame and other elements to card as shown.

Fussy cut flowers or other elements to add to card. Die cut spider web and spider, both from Karen Burniston's Halloween Scene collection.

 Adhere die cut and fussy cut elements to the card as shown.

 Apply adhesive to the outer edges of the frame panel.

Adhere frame panel to backing card, aligning edges carefully. Retrain all folds. Decorate front of card as desired.

 I just adore tunnel cards. It's so much fun adding little elements here and there and building a scene.

Here you can see how it folds up when closed. So cool!! It is a bit bulky because of the paper I used and how many layers there are - it will most likely need extra postage.

If you've never made a tunnel card before, I suggest using plain cardstock and making a sample card before you start cutting into your fancy papers. I do this with almost any new pop-up die or card fold and it makes it much less stressful when you don't have to worry about messing up! You can also play with where you'd like to place your elements, etc. My biggest problem with cards like this is knowing when to stop!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. It's been ages since I've done one and it was a lot of fun - I might have to do this more often. :-)

You can find the supplies I used via the links below. Thanks so much for stopping by today!


  1. This is spooktacular!!!
    And I totally agree about the papers! Funny thing, just today I took out my Rare Oddities pad,only a lil' used & thought-it's time to just use this stuff!
    :) TFS! wonderful, as always.

  2. Shelly, I love what you have done here! I am bookmarking this to make one soon! I always make a plain white card with my fancy dies first...great advice! and the Graphic 45 papers send it over the top! amazing!


  3. Thank you so much for sharing your latest card & tutorial! I love it!

  4. I've always loved this paper. So this card + that paper = fabulous :)

  5. Love the card I am always looking for a new ideas for Halloween cards that are simple yet amazing. I definitely will be making this as it looks to be both. I to hoard all my papers so I purchase a lot so I can use them w/o running out and I do have quite bit left of this line. Thanks for the tutorial.

  6. OMG ... I keep drooling over this I love Rare Oddities as well. I have a mini album I started a couple of years ago ( I'm inspired to complete it now :) ) I can hoard with the Best of them when it comes to Graphic 45. I have yet to make a pop-up card ( when I look at them they traumatize me ) I even had plans to try one for G45 Challenge last month... it's still sitting on my table. I think I'll try yours first !! Thanks for the tutorial !

  7. Thank you for the tutorial. I wish I could get that paper again; so cool. Love your card.

  8. Oh man!! This is a SUPER wicked cool card!

  9. very nice card
    and thank you for the tutorial !

  10. You have great vision and technique to realize that this paper together with the tunnel card design were made for each other!

  11. Loved this! Even though that paper has been retired, a new batch of Halloween paper has been released by Graphic 45. Can’t wait to try it.


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