Thursday, November 20, 2008

Which Came First?

Announcing: Egg! We finally have our first egg! I feel like a proud parent, it's kind of embarrassing really.....isn't it gorgeous though? We got our Ameraucana/Araucana chicks in June. I had given up hope that we would have any eggs before Spring. We keep checking those nest boxes though and lo and behold, today I found an egg! It is an absolutely beautiful shade of aqua. Now I'll be out there every hour - forgive me if this blog turns into nothing but egg pictures. I've never been a scrapbooker, despite having two lovely children and boxes of pictures, but I can see albums of eggs in my future.


  1. i see a book with farm journal pages, chicken pictures and wonerful "easter" egg pictures..that is what i called the brown and colored eggs when i was little..i will be glad to follow your egg pictures

    btw congrats on your first egg

  2. Yea!! I am so excited for you! The baby egg is just adorable! I expect to see more pictures. You are a wonderful photographer and I appreciate you sharing.

  3. Shelley, congratulations on the first egg, or rather my congratulations to the hen! Having grown up on a farm I am familiar with Rhode Island reds, Dominics, Plymouth Rocks, and other ordinary chickens. I have never heard of your kind of chicken with the blue-green eggs. Do you plan to eat the eggs or do you have a rooster and plan to raise baby chicks?

    Your picture of the egg in the nest is beautiful.

  4. Oh, congratulations! How well I know what you're feeling! I want to talk eggs with you everyday... now I won't feel guilty. We're getting up to 7 in a day from our four little hens. Regular white eggs... not as sweet as your aqua eggs, but nonetheless gifts from our little gals. Happy Dancing for you!

  5. um, we should plan a shower for a rancher to be shower...i think you would look cute in tuff nut overalls.

  6. Oh Shelly, I'm SO excited with you. I love chickens/roosters. I had a young Bantam hen, and she turned into a pet. I kept her in my fenced-in garden, and every time I even walked by, she'd follow along the fence line. Every time I walked into her "cage", she'd fly up onto my shoulder. That eventually turned into her then jumping up onto my head. She was a sweetie. When I'd let her out, she'd follow me all around the yard, up into the garage, etc.

    I now collect everything hen/rooster. I love them, alive or pretend.

    Please keep us interested folks posted.

    Thank you,
    Donna WB


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