Saturday, June 13, 2009

They Grow Up So Fast!

Mom and babies went out for a stroll this afternoon and I took a few quick pics of them. I can't believe they are only two weeks old - they look so grown up! It's fascinating to watch her teach them chicken stuff. Scratching, bugs, etc. So fun!


  1. ooo how cool, what a neat thing to be exposed to....can you tell I've never been :)

    Only one childhood experience watching my NB grandma chop a chickens head off, that kind of did it for me = ack!!!

    precious little chicks, such a great picture!

    ~*~ Patty

  2. Sweet, sweet, sweet! And just like IRL each one looks different:)

  3. It's delicious to look at your post!!!

  4. wow 2 weeks old already and we think our children grow up quickly..i am ready for a visit to the mini farm:D

  5. How cute, Shelly! Thanks so much for sharing. Great photo!!

  6. My sister told me you had a bunch of chickens. Seems crazy to me, but the eggs are good. Thanks.



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