Sunday, August 2, 2009

I Love Estate Sales!

I have been having a tough time the past couple of weeks. Dogs attacked and killed 10 of my chickens and three of my turkeys (horrible experience), my dad was in the hospital (he's home now, yay!). Just not a very good time lately. I needed something to make me happy! When I saw a friend of mine post something on Facebook about getting clock parts at an estate sale, I was like, d'oh! I totally forgotten there was an amazing sale this weekend.

My sweet husband volunteered to go with me to this sale which was about 30 minutes away, in Memphis. I wasn't really in the mood, but knew it was one of those chance of a lifetime kind of things......

I got a HUGE bin of clock gears. I also got a fantastic clock case - so many things could be done with this! My well-trained man found the box of bezels. There are tons! I can't tell you how hard I've looked for these on eBay, etc. Again, imagine all the altered things that could be done with them! Um....ignore that mess in the background.

Hitting the jackpot like this was just what I needed after all that stress. It was a great reminder that you can find joy in the smallest a beautiful Sunday digging around in dirty boxes looking for treasure with the man you love. Best day of my life*!

*I am one of those people who has lots of 'Best day of my life' days. It doesn't take much to amuse me. :-)


  1. So is it normal to be wildly happy for your great find and strangely jealous at the same time? I am SO going to my local flea this weekend!!

  2. so jealous of all those lovely clock gears- that is just amazing. we don't have anything like that near me- i must go shopping!!!

    Le Vintage

  3. ooooooooooo weeeeeeeeeee what a great find!! I get all tingly inside when I see boxes full of goodness like that :)

  4. What a great find! Don't you just love it when things work out like that:) I can't wait to see what you create with these!

    Take Care - Robin

  5. Shelly, I'm sorry to hear about how bad the last couple of weeks have been. I do hope your dad is doing better! so sad about your chickens too :(
    But SCORE, I wanna shop where you do!!!
    We don't have flea markets here, only fleas here are on my dog.LOL,just kidding. I can just image all the incredible art you will be making! Be sure to post when you do!

  6. I am so glad to hear that your Dad is back home. I do understand needing a happy day. You did have some great finds. Can't wait to see what you create from them all.

  7. Shelly, hope your Dad is doing better. I've been there, believe me! Sorry to hear about your turkeys and chickens but happy for you that you found such treasures. Wow. How fun is that?! Must have felt like Xmas, no?

  8. Such a bummer about the chickens and turkeys. Our Shepherd (many years ago) was killing ours when they would get out of the pen. Wired a dead one around his neck and he wore it for quite a while. Never killed another one. Coons, on the other hand, they wiped out 2/3 of our flock one year. Finally got the Shepherd to understand he was there to protect the chickens. Treed and killed 23 coons in 4 months one year!

    Glad your dad is home! AND such a wonderful altered art find for you, how exciting!

  9. Just drooling with envy over all the watch pieces that you scored! Wow - we don't have auctions like that in NE ohio.... No wonder it was such a great day... Sorry to hear about your issues with your bird friends!


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