Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sugared Frame Ornament Tutorial

Hi all! I have a quick little tutorial to share with you today. I have a group of friends who are participating in a handmade ornament swap and this is what I came up with. I was inspired by something similar I saw at Hobby Lobby. Of course, I was like, "hey, I think I can make that with a die!" :)

Here is how I made it:

Begin by cutting five frames from heavy cardstock using the Sizzix Ornate Frames 2 die. Fold each frame in half as shown.

Next, match up the right edge of a folded frame to the left edge of another frame and glue. Continue until all the frames are glued together and a 'cage' is formed. Let dry.

When your frames are dry, apply glue to all surfaces (I used Glue 'n Seal) and cover with Rock Candy Distress Glitter.

While the joined frames are dryng, cut two snowflakes out of cardstock and paint the front of one and the reverse side of the other. These die cuts aren't symmetrical, so you'll glue them front to back so that they line up.

When the paint is dry, cut a 5" length of silver cording, sandwich it between the snowflakes and glue. Cover the snowflake sandwich with glue and then coat with Broken China Distress glitter.

To finish the ornament, thread the cording through the ornament (there will be a small gap where the frames joined), from the inside up to the top. Loop the cord back on itself and insert end into the top of the ornament. Adjust height of snowflake and glue in place.

All of the supplies I used can be found at Inspiration Emporium, except for the frame, which you can find at At IE, you can enter the code 'thankful' and receive 20% off your order! The coupon code is good through Sunday night (Dec 1). If you missed the cutoff, you can always use my code - stamptramp - to save 10%.

Thanks so much for stopping by today - hope you're all having a great weekend!


  1. This is beautiful! Love the Rock Candy glitter on the white cardstock!

  2. Beautiful Shelly! Would love to see one with a vintage little girl in the middle. You are amazing.
    Gail in Oklahoma

  3. Shelly your projects are always amazing! This is so clever, so simple and so beautiful and festive! Thanks for sharing with us! BArbarayaya

  4. Such a clever idea and beautifully designed Shelly. I love the sparkly effects.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  5. This is so pretty and very this idea...thank you so much for sharing with it..

  6. Another beauty, Shelly! Have to make some of these . . .
    Greetings from France - Sally

  7. This looks fabulous Shelly! The snowflake inside is wonderful. Thank-you for idea. Nicola x

  8. Okay, the ornament you're getting from me is not that beautiful. Can't wait to see it IRL. I'll see if I can't step up my game between now and the exchange.

  9. Thisis really gorgeous x lve that sugar coated feel! Hugs x

  10. Perfection!!!! Love the sugared look!!! Great design!

  11. Oh my, I need to get that frame die!! I love, love, LOVE playing with Distress Glitters!!


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