Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Halloween + Bandanna

I have been eyeing these stamps from Making Memories in my studio for the past few days. I found them at Target a few weeks ago - I actually hid them under some other stamps (it was the last one!) so I could come back the next day with my $5 off coupon. Thankfully they were still there! Anyway....I thought they might work with the bandanna technique and I was mostly right, I think. I had to color in the bird because it was too light, but other than that I think they worked really well! The background is a vintage dictionary page glued to a tag and then sponged with various inks.


  1. so cool!

    I have some Cherry Pie halloween stamps winging their way to me (hurry up postie!!) and I was planning on bandana-ing the life out of them too for the Ranger inkling challenge thingy. :)

    Hadn't thought of doing it on a text page - fab idea!

  2. Great work as usual Shelly! I performed the stampbord technique Tuesday & almost ended up doing the white highlights! I did finish it though & will post it on my blog when I turn it into a pendant!

  3. You are the Bandana Queen! You have truly mastered this tequnique.

  4. i want to come and play with you on this have mastered it..your target store sounds like something i would do:D

  5. This is SO cool! I just love all your work. So glad I stumbled onto your blog!


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