Monday, September 8, 2008

Worksheet Wonder Row House

I love Trish Bee's blog - she shares so much great information and ideas that I always come away feeling inspired. I read about her Worksheet Wonders a few weeks ago and filed it away to try sometime. Tonight I noticed my Stampin' Up grid pad (what I use as a work surface) was looking very pretty! I've done a lot of different types of stamping lately and haven't changed the sheet for ages, so it was pretty grunged up! I added a bit more ink, stamped it randomly w/the new Wicked stamps from Oxford Impressions and cut it into a row house shape. Then I hunted for some photo stamps that I could make wee witches out of. These precious girls are from the School Days plate (again, from OI). I love them as little witches! Oh, and at the bottom I added a little crepe paper trim. Not too bad for trash!


  1. Wow! Now its MY turn to be inspired! This is beautiful. All of your latest dabblings are gorgeous! I love the stamps you used too for this and the making memories ones you used in another post - must add them to my wish list!

  2. This is SUCH a cool house, Shelly! You really could post it to this week's "dans ma maison" challenge. The challenge is Girl in School, but what you've created is perfect! :)


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