Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Party Month at Artistic Outpost!

March is a party month at Artistic Outpost - one of the owners (Shelley) and THREE of the designers (Lisa, Gerrie, and me!) are all celebrating birthdays this month. You want to know what's really weird? They are all on March 15th. My mind is still being blown by that! I mean, what are the odds?

We are also helping our friends over at Gingersnap Creations celebrate their first birthday (wonder if it's March 15th???) by giving away some blog candy. Make sure you stop by to get the details. [EDIT: It totally IS someone's birthday on the 15th - it's Shar's, the wonderful artist who runs the Gingersnap blog. Crazy!]

Since AO will be partying all month, they've changed the Monthly Referral Program to a 'theme'. The theme is Party and Celebration. See the Artistic Outpost blog for more information on how you can win a $50 (WOW!) Artistic Outpost gift certificate.

My little hanging shows that you don't necessarily have to have theme-specific stamps to create a birthday card. I used stamps from four different Artistic Outpost collections to 'build' this piece.

My little bird is from the Birds of a Feather stamp collection. He is perched atop a cake I created using paper, inks, stamps, and glitter.

The sentiment is computer-generated (BTW, Joyeux Anniversaire means Happy Birthday in French). I decorated my cake layers with stamps from the Serenity, Birds of a Feather, and Paris Exposition collections. I finished it off with a crepe paper ruffle and flower. My background was created using Vada's Gesso Resist technique from the Oct/Nov '06 issue of the Technique Junkie newsletter.If you look closely, you'll see that, in addition to stamps I used from the plates I've already listed, I also used a small handwriting stamp from the Outpost collection.You definitely need to click on these to see the full sized pics!

So, who else has a March birthday.....?


  1. Love your stamped layer cake! And the party hat. :)

  2. Shelly, how creative. Love that you didn't use any actual birthday stamps.
    (And yes, my mother's birthday was March 15th:)

  3. Shelly, This is well the loviest layer cake I've ever seen!
    such pretty spring colors.
    I was so surpized to here of all your same Birthdays too.! Its also Shars at Gingersnap Creations. Wow so that makes 5 on the very same day!!!!!

  4. cutest thing ever...i love the vintage and shabby chic feel to it....lovely

  5. This is so pretty! That is weird that all your birthdays are the same day. Lots of cake flying around that day. Enjoy!

  6. No March birthday here....I went way over the hill in December! ;-) This is a glorious 'cake' creation, Shelly!

  7. Wow - this is totally stunning! I love how you created the cake out of vintage paper - such a cool idea!

  8. Gorgeous card! I just love crepe paper with glitter, I use it all the time myself.
    Your cake is delicious and so very creative.
    My birthday is next week too. Happy birthday to everyone!

  9. A crepe paper ruffle?? You are my hero! I can't believe all the creative things you do. LOVE IT!!

  10. A for Adorable! My dad's birthday is in March, but he's not into stamping. LOL!

  11. This cake is just FABULOUS!
    My sister's birthday is also on
    The Ides of March - I'll have to
    make her a cake similar to this,
    she'll love it.

  12. Shelly - adorable love the party bird on top of the card and all the girlie details - that flower and crepe paper are perfect!

  13. Shelly, this is sooo lovely! Wonderful!

  14. This is delightful!!! I love it all, especially the colors and the crepe paper!

    Until my kids were born, my dad and I were the only ones whose birthdays were not in March. And I married a March baby whose family has lots of March b-days.

  15. Shelly this is awesome!!! By the way ~ my birthday was March 1st! Happy birthday to you! And I just got both the bird stamp sheets from Artistic Outpost! Can't wait to try them and your shimmers technique!!! Marva

  16. I've admired your work for quite awhile. I came across this Artistic Outpost card, which I just adore by the way, and it end turn led me to your blog. I'm so happy to have located your blog so I can add it to my fav list. I really do love your artwork. This birthday cake card is just wonderful!


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