Friday, August 1, 2008

More Exciting News!

Most of you probably get the Stampington newsletter, Creative Impulse. If so, you may have noticed one of their inspiration projects used some gorgeous Paris-themed stamps. Well, those stamps are by my friend Suzanne @ Oxford Impressions! I think being included in Stampington's product line is a huge testament to the quality and artistry of her designs. I first found Suzanne's stamps by a fluke and she ended up becoming one of my best friends as well as an artistic 'soul sister'. I am so proud of her accomplishment - way to go Suzanne!

Here is something I recently made using this sheet. It's the online bonus technique - Kaleidoscope Card - from the June/July Technique Junkies Newsletter. It's really hard to see in the pic, but it's got three layers/frames on the inside. I think I've also seen it called a Tunnel card. Very fun to make!


  1. Shelly! It has been ages since the old ABM creative efforts! :) Glad you stumbled upon my blog - I now have yours bookmarked as well. Several of us from the ABM board have continued our little community on a similar set up - the Altered Gypsy forum. There's a link on my blog. Hope you join us! :)

    And as always - your work is absolutely lovely!


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