Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School Days

This month's challenge on the Ranger group was 'Acadamia'. I have been a member of that group for quite awhile and have never gotten it together enough to take part before the deadline. Well, this time I knew I had the perfect piece to build my project around!

My friends all know that I am an estate sale junkie. Mostly what I look for is what no one else wants - the old bits of paper, sheet music, fragments of lace, rusty stuff, etc. Pretty much I just like junk! My husband and I went to an estate sale a couple weeks ago that a friend of mine just happened to be at. It was so much fun! My husband humors me, but Becky is a wild woman - just as bad as me! It's always fun to poke around sales, but even better when you have someone egging you on to buy anything your heart desires. I bought stuff, my husband hauled it to the truck. I bought more stuff. Back again. This happens several times. Too many times to count, in fact. By the time we leave, I am in a paper haze. Immediately I have to start going thru it all, oohing and aahing and all the bits and pieces. I come to something - a vintage spelling tablet - I wonder out loud, 'When did I get this, it's amazing?!' My husband proudly announces, 'I found that, thought you'd like it.' I flipped out! Such a cool thing! It has writing on the inside, like someone kept a journal. It dates to 1902. Some women want diamonds. For me, old paper wins hands down. How perfect that it says, 'Sweetheart'.

For this piece I scanned the spelling tablet and mounted it to a wood plaque. I used stamps from Oxford Impressions - how perfect are these? I embellished it with Grungeboard sponged with Red Brick Distress ink. And that's the story of the spelling tablet. :-)


  1. I want to go with you and gals are my kinda of shoppers

  2. Michelle took the words straight outta my mouth... I want to hang with you and hit the estate sales!

  3. um...can we make it a menage a "four" and all go with you to the estate sales? I don't even know where to begin.


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