Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Created Byhand Challenge - Pattern Paper

After shopping all day (yes Kat, I am just now finishing my shopping!) I thought I would be too weary to participate in the Created Byhand challenge, but I decided some art time was just what I needed to liven me up after all that shopping!

When I saw we were to use patterned paper, I knew I had to find something to go with my new Fortune Teller stamps from Artistic Outpost. I found some sheets of Basic Grey (I think?) that I've had forever. They seemed to be a perfect complement to these stamps. As I was making it I kept thinking - am I channeling Kelly Burton or what? lol! To me it has a very 'Kelly Burton-esque' feel. I love the richness of her work so I was pretty happy with it! My favorite bits (in addition to the fab stamps) are the little jewel in his turban and the pretty black embellishment on the bottom, which is from my friends at RockCandy Studios.


  1. beautiful piece!

    thanks for the compliments on my work!

  2. lol, well believe it or not when I clicked on your blog, I thought,"Oh hang on, am I on kelly's blog?"
    beautiful piece, great use of papers!

    have a great christmas!

  3. Very nice, Shelly. It's got a great nostalgic feel to it.


  4. Fantastic, Shelly! I have reams of patterned paper, with great dreams of figuring out how to use all of it. You've created a great card.

  5. fabulous card!! have a Merry Christmas!!

  6. Gorgeous card. Beautiful color.
    Wish you a Merry Christmas.

  7. wow what a beautiful card !!!
    have a Merry Christmas

  8. Great work! Your paper looks a lot like mine, only 90 degrees off.


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