Friday, December 12, 2008

Grungeboard Stencils

This is just a quick tip for those of you who hate throwing things away! I love Grungeboard and awhile back I noticed that the 'waste' (the piece that was left after all the flourishes had been punched out) seemed like it would be a perfect stencil. I went to work with my cranberry Adirondack Color Wash and came up with this card. There are some Grungeboard designs that probably wouldn't work as welll, but it's definitely something worth experimenting with!

Angels are from Oxford Impressions.


  1. This is a classic. I've saved all my punched out grungeboard for this very purpose!

    I think it's time I go START my skinny book pages for TOMORROW! Nothin' like waiting 'til the last minute!


  2. Great use of the flourish negative space! I don't have that Grungeboard~yet! I got the large Alphabet set for scrapbook titles before I found out it is not acid free, and I pop the letters out and then cut a square or wonkey rectangle around then to use for more letters. You can't use every letter because there is not enough border around each one, so I picked the letter I liked best and used it. It's good foor a "Ransom Note" type lettering, too. Save the inside of the letter with the "waste" letter,( the inside of the "o", "a", "p" etc.). Sometimes I glue them onto a cardstock that goes with the project, let dry and cut out the square or rectangle up to the Grungeboard or leaving a little border of cardstock around it.
    I've enjoyed seeing all you tags, but I have trouble commenting on the ATT Group site... might be my old computer is not compatible with that site(?!)... I'm new at this. Anyway, thanks for sharing~ I'll be visiting here again soon!

  3. Shelly great card! Congrats on being featured on Inspirational!!! You deserve it your work is fabulous!!!

  4. I am so glad you are featured on Inspirational today. Congratulations!!!
    Your work is just stunning and I really, really love your versions of Tim's tags.
    You are going straight into my 'Favourites'.

  5. thank you for sending me your blog address. Ohhhh, I've just run through a few of your posts, and I can definitely say that I'll be spending some time here "catching up". Glad to have found you!

  6. What a brilliant idea and lovely card!

  7. it looks marvelous, thank you for sharing your idea.
    Hugs and wishes,
    Anja from germany

  8. Wonderful idea and gorgeous piece.


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