Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Last year, I was lucky enough to be asked by the wonderful Audrey Hernandez to participate in a 'With One Image' challenge for Somerset Memories. It had been so long since I'd submitted that I was a little rusty! Sometimes I feel like my blog has taken the place of being published - there is no deadline, no typing up instructions, and no letdown if your pieces don't get chosen. Instant gratification!

The cards appear in an article in the Autumn issue of the magazine. The other artists are Carlene Federer, Karen Brown, Dawn Rice and, of course, Audrey. Everyone's pieces came out so great - unique and different, yet all of them seem to complement each other. Here are mine:

The first card was created using the Wrinkle Free Distress technique (aka Watercolor Distress to Technique Junkies), which I have been in love with ever since I saw it on Robin Beam's blog. I thought the blue and brown looked really good togther. I made another one with pink and brown around this time - also very cool looking. I need to dig it out and make something with it.

This card was one of my favorites. Guess where that tag came from? The dump! Well, the Desoto County Rubbish Pit to be exact. No, it's not a nasty garbage dump, just where you take all your stuff when you're remodeling or cleaning out your shed. Once I saw a guy bring a boat that had two jet skis sitting on top of it! Since we've been remodeling our house for the past 6 years or so, I've had lots of opportunities to hang out at the dump. Some day I'll post pics of all the cool stuff I've found there. This tag was in a bundle that was held together with a rusty bulldog clip. I did let it sit out in the rain for a long time before I used them. I figure nature cleaned anything nasty off. :-)

This is the third card I made. Sadly, it didn't make it into the magazine. I thought that of all of the cards, this one would have made it! I like the simplicity of it. I think I was in a 'clean and uncluttered' mood when I made these.

Thanks so much to Audrey for inviting me to be part of this - I had a blast making these cards. Maybe I'll get my submission mojo back. Maybe.


  1. those are wonderful, Shelly! Love the colors. Darling image.

  2. Congrats, Shelly, on being published in SM! I love all three of them-- though I agree with you, that third one is really special.
    I also know what you mean about the blog's advantages over all the work of submitting. Down side is no free magazine comes in the mail then:)

  3. Shelly, these are beautiful! All three of them. Love the colors and all the great details that make this art quintessentially yours.


  4. Fantastic all of them! I really like the brown and light blue together!

  5. Hi,
    have to tell you, that thise 3 cards are just so beautifull, I have alwayes loved the blue and beige/brown colors together, and you did it so wonderfull. Congratulations to be in this great magazine.

  6. It's a gorgeous collection Shelly! Congratulations! - Kris

  7. All beautiful cards!!! Big congratulations!!!

  8. These are just tremendously beautiful! Congrats!

  9. Congratulations, Shelly! Wonderful cards! Look so great, as all your work!! :o)))

  10. A big congratulations on the upcoming publication. What wonderful news!


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