Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tim's Tag - Day 4

Today's tag was really a difficult one for me - if you didn't have the stuff he used, it was very hard to improvise. So, I didn't. I kind of followed the general direction he sent us in and did my own thing. That's what it's about, right? Otherwise we're just mimicking his work versus finding our own voice.

My biggest issue is that, well, I hate alcohol inks. And they feel the same way about me. I can never get the smooth look, like on Tim's crystal. Mine is always splotchy and the more I try to fix it, the worse it gets. After a bunch of tries, I ended up taking red Stazon and sponging it very lightly onto a Fragment. The sentiment (from Artistic Outpost) was stamped on a scrap of cardstock and glued to the Fragment. I wrapped the piece in silver tape to give it a soldered look.

My background was created by accident. I sponged blue ink onto my tag, but the yellow in the tag made the whole thing turn kind of green. To fix it, I scraped white acrylic paint all over the tag and then added more ink. I did this until the whole tag was covered and looked right to me. When I was done, I stamped the snowflake with Faded Jeans Distress ink.

My absolute favorite part of this is the little angel stamp. She's just been re-released by Oxford Impressions and I think she is one of my all-time favorites! She's stamped on glossy cardstock with black Archival ink, and then colored with Distress inks and a water pen.

To finish off my tag I sponged white acrylic paint over the Hope ticket to soften it, and attached it with a swirly silver clip (the other half of the clip is the attachment for the Fragment). The gorgeous ribbon is from Artistic Outpost - the pink actually matches IRL, don't know why it looks so different in the pic!


  1. Shelly, it's stunnins! That OI stamp really is precious. I have the same problem as you with the AI, mine always comes out gummy and sticky.

  2. This is just beautiful! Love that little angel too!

  3. This is so beautiful, Shelley. I'm still waiting for my OI stamps to arrive, so it's really nice to see how someone else is using them :) I have been inspired by you (and Tim H) and have now at least made one of the 12 Days of Christmas tags!

  4. Lovely take on the tag. I think the bling on the swirls works just as well as a full florish.

  5. Gorgeous, Shelly! That angel stamp is really nice, and I love how you colored it.

  6. Hello Shelly

    This sure is an interpretation of Tim's tag ! :)
    The bling swirl is the only thing that really connects for me with his tag, but WHO CARES ?!!

    You made a real nice wintery tag : I love the overall look of it.
    I like your layered painted/ inked background. The "hope" ticket overpainted is good to add more softness.

    The angel ? ... It makes me run to the oxford impressions site !! I do have a lot of them : they are one of my favorite stamp compagnies. I have more of them than Tim stamps....

    Real nice tag !
    greetings from belgium

  7. Just LOVE the tag, Shelly! It's nice to see your take on Tim's Tags.

    I also don't like the ai's. Can't stand the smell and it stains everything:(

    Suzanne's latest stamp plate is a must have. I asked Santa to get it for me, hope he

  8. So pretty. I have that angel set too, one of my absolute favourites.

  9. Wow I would never have thought that was a stamp - its gorgeous!!
    As is your tag :D
    Julie xx

  10. This is one of my favorite tags- I love Blue...and the softness of the tag- love the ribbon, tag, baubles and I love that image- she is so sweet!

  11. Loving the thereal quality of this one, such a graceful design tfs xxx

  12. I love when people go outside the box with one of Tim's tags! This is just beautiful! Well done.

  13. Fabulous! Love the images you used and the soft prettiness of the tag.


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